National Craft Month – Family Crafting the Easy Way!

By Theanette Holmes, Oldfield Sports Club

March is National Craft Month and it is almost upon us! If you are a crafter like me you couldn’t be more excited. I live for rolling up my sleeves, getting my hands messy and creating something beautiful. However, I know crafting can be daunting and downright scary to some. The idea of paint on clothes and glitter, well…EVERYWHERE, is enough to give some Moms hives. But with a little organization crafting can be easy, fun and mess-free for the entire family!

Here are some tools I use when crafting at home with more than one child:

1)      Pick an idea they love! When the craft is something your child is completely “in to,” not only will they be super excited but they will also stay on task! Pick a craft that not only seems feasible and age/skill level compatible, but one that also will pique the interests of your entire group. Something that will make your kids’ hearts and imaginations soar!

2)     Pinterest. Don’t know where to find a craft they will love? Browse Pinterest! When I have no more original ideas left in me or when I just need to be inspired to sprout some more, I always turn to Pinterest. It’s not just for preschoolers! There are millions of ideas out there for crafts for every age group from toddler to adult, and for every subject area. Yes, some pins are over the top but there are several very practical and cool ideas out there waiting for you!

3)     Use found materials. You don’t need to spend a ton of money on materials to use for crafting. In fact, you may not have to buy anything at all. Look around the house at things that are not being used and can be repurposed. Paint, Playdough and even glue can be made with basic kitchen ingredients! Check Pinterest for recipes! Also many “trash” items can be recycled into material for art.  Let your children look at things you’re planning to throw away and challenge them to think of another use for it! This helps teach your child about those three Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle; cuts down on clutter; and leaves you with a beautiful end result.

4)     Organize your materials. Once you pick a craft the best mess preventative is to get your materials organized. I usually take a bin and put all of the materials that will be used for a particular craft in that bin so I don’t have to waste time searching for, say canary yellow paint or circle sponges, while my child is crafting. The better organized I am the more smoothly the craft will go. When I don’t have to turn my back to search for something we need I can keep my eyes on the crafting at hand and help prevent potential disasters.

5)     Baggy Up. Once I have my craft and my materials, I will look at what pieces are needed for each individual to complete their craft and then put the appropriate number of pieces in a plastic baggy for each child. So, if we are making a Leprechaun who needs a Hat, beard, head, body and shamrock, I will precut those pieces and each child will get a baggy including those five things. This helps me ensure I have enough for every child and makes assembly a breeze.

6)     Have Fun! There is nothing more fun than creating something together. It doesn’t need to look perfect or really like anything at all for that matter. The experience you will have making something together will be what makes it all worth it in the end. So have fun together get silly, take pictures and craft a lasting memory!

Want to try crafting something with your family for National Craft Month? Send us a picture of your end result and I will post it on the Sports Club Bulletin Board! Happy Crafting!

Winter’s Fading Fast

It may not seem like it, but winter is close to being over.  This time of year, we see all of our winter migrants hang around for just a little bit longer and then make their way back to their breeding grounds far north, northwest and beyond.  Waterfowl like ducks such as the blue-winged teal or others like the tundra swan spend their winter here in the Lowcountry.  Shorebirds like the American Avocet have a grayish white plumage while here in the Lowcountry, but will change to a rusty red color before leaving to fly west and northwest to their breeding and nesting grounds.  Just remember, these and other winter birds will be leaving us very soon, so don’t miss your opportunity to see these beautiful winter residents of the Lowcountry!

- Marvin Bouknight
OFC Director/Staff Naturalist

Winter Avocet Pair

WinterTundra Swans in Flight 3

WinterBlue-winged Teal Closeup

Turning Up the Heat – Chili Cook Off

We had a great turnout for the 3rd Annual Oldfield Community Chili Cook Off. Those in attendance were able to sample nine different styles of chili. There were two separate competitions: a judges’ prize and a separate award voted on by the attendees. Lisa Smith won the judges’ award with her “Buff Pig” chili which included both bison and pork. Jon Memsic, competing incognito, took home the “Peoples’ Choice” crown with his sweet and spicy beef and kidney bean chili. All of the competitors did a fantastic job! Our kitchen also provided some of our own concoctions including the “Holy Mole.” We want to thank everyone for coming out and helping us make this the best chili cook off to date! We especially want to acknowledge all our competitors who worked hard to provide the centerpiece to a fantastic evening.

Try Yoga!

SportsClubBlog50If you are finding everyday chores like lifting boxes, reaching for items off a shelf or even making the bed a painful experience, chances are you need strengthening  in the muscles and joints. Applying the honored traditions of Yoga, our instructor Janet Lent showed us how to focus on those areas that need work and how to do it properly and without pain. Not everyone is the same so plenty of modifiers are available. Explore Yoga the restorative way and you’ll benefit mind, body and spirit.

Brighten Up Your Workout!

SportsClubShoesSometimes motivation comes in colors.

Need a little pick me up to get you to the gym? Try wearing something BRIGHT! Shoes, shirt, socks – everything can now be found in neon.

Socks are the latest craze with everything from low to knee highs, polka dots to stripes. And if you’re like me, you’ll get them to match your shoes.

I know that wearing splashes of color make my gym time more fun and it wakes me up. Plus it gives a burst of brightness to the whole gym atmosphere so everyone benefits.

It’s catchy too. There seems to be a little competition for the wildest shoes and socks – all the more reason to pump up my game and go shopping. I hate to lose at anything.

- Mona Ward
Sports Club Director

Tennis Quad Club Challenge

The Oldfield Tennis Team is competing in the annual “Quad Club Challenge” on Saturday, February 1. This event will be hosted by Spring Island tennis club and the four teams participating are Oldfield, Spring Island, Callawassie and Dataw. Oldfield won this event two years ago and the players are anxious to get their name on the trophy again this year. Please feel free to come out and support your neighbors as they do battle! Play starts up at 9 a.m. and will finish with lunch/awards at 1 p.m.

Another Mystery Bird!

Keep your Goals in Sight!

bikiniDo you have a big birthday, event or vacation coming up?

A University of Buffalo research team found that thinking about these fun events helped us to consume 300 less calories a day.

Visualizing yourself in that sleeveless dress for the family wedding or the smaller bathing suit for the summer will keep you focused on the goal rather than reaching for instant gratification in the bag of chips.

- Mona Ward
Sports Club Director

Photos from New Year’s Eve


Happy New Year!  Check out all of our awesome photos from our New Year’s Eve event by clicking here!

Birds Enjoy Christmas Gifts Made by Oldfield’s Young Naturalists

Over the holidays, Jeremy Webb conducted a program to decorate a holiday tree for wildlife.  With the help of some of Oldfield’s young naturalists and adults, pine cones were covered in suet, bird seed, corn meal, peanut butter and other scrumptious toppings.  They looked pretty, but would our birds find them and enjoy them?  Well, the proof is in the pictures!  Check out a couple of chickadees and a white-breasted nuthatch enjoying the holiday “feast” below.  Great job everyone!

- Marvin Bouknight
OFC Director/Staff Naturalist

Birds at Nature Tree Feeders1

Birds at Nature Tree Feeders2

Birds at Nature Tree Feeders3