By: Ramona Ward We all have one, two or many of these in our house. Counters! What you may not realize though is that counters can be used for a quick and easy workout. Lean into, away from or up against a counter to create a variety of exercises in a matter of minutes. • Facing as close as possible to your counter, hold the edge lightly with your fingertips (gripping or resting on top) and raise up on your toes for a quick set of calf raises. • Still facing the counter, step a foot away and place your forearms on the counter, resting on the ledge. Put your weight one leg and bend the opposite leg and kick backwards towards the ceiling while flexing your foot. Repeat on other side. • Still facing counter and a foot or more away, lean into a long plank and use the counter as a base for incline pushups. • With your back to the counter place your hands behind you and onto the counter (fingers facing towards you) with your elbows tucked in and your body in a plank, bend the elbows and lower your body and push back up. You just did a tricep dip! (This won’t work with a tall counter) All these exercises can be done in a quick session with 20 reps each. Use the bathroom counter, the kitchen counter or even the trunk of your car! A quick workout doesn’t have to be at a gym or with a lot of equipment. It’s literally right at your fingertips.