Well, it is coming out time at Oldfield. We are coming out of spring in anticipation of summer. We are coming out of COVID and looking forward to some sense of normalcy. Really, we are just plain coming out into a full season of activities and events that we have been planning for the last several months. May is the month to celebrate Mom and what better way to do that than Brunch on the River Club lawn. Please get your reservations in early to ensure you have a spot for this special day. Reservations will be filling up quickly and space is limited. The Member / Member Championship is also hosted this month. May 14th and 15th will be the tournament rounds of one of the most prestigious events on the Golf Calendar. I am sure Mark and his team will host a spectacular show for everyone; needless to say, Rick and Company will have our golf course in pristine conditions for this tournament. If last year’s partner still has the yips and you may be looking for a new partner, please contact the Golf Shop and they can assist you in finding just that right complement. Memorial Day is also a special time as we will officially open the pool again after a year of COVID and limited access. The pool has been resurfaced this year and we have also contracted with a new pool company who will be providing lifeguards all summer long. Laura and her team are planning on opening the Pool Cabana and, if our hiring plans come together, we will be offering pool side service around the deck. We are also finalizing our plans for the baseline of our Club Governance Model, which is the committees. Our commi- ttee structure is broken down into two groups, Board Committees and Operational Committees. Each committee will consist of a Chairman, Board Representative, Staff Liaison and a total of five to seven members. Committees will act as a conduit between the membership, staff and Board. They will help plan future events, review past events and generally aid in the communication between the three elements. Each committee will also state their goals and objectives at the beginning of the year (June 1st for 2021) and we will work throughout the year to meet those plateaus. In order to be most productive and successful, our committees will stick to scheduled meeting dates and a well thought out agenda. A partnership with the staff liaison and open communication will be the key to fueling the passion of the various Opera- tional committees. In order to ensure fresh eyes and ears for the future, we will have a staggered term limit plan set up as well. This ground level governance is the process that makes it all work. If you are interested in serving this year or in the future on an Operational Committee, please contact me at tmervosh@oldfieldsc.com for more information and to register your name. I look forward to working with you to guide Oldfield into the future.