Here at the Sports Club, January is the beginning of our holiday season. In the Health and Wellness industry this is a time of new beginnings— a beacon of light and hope to a perfect, shiny blank slate. The possibilities and accomplishments are endless. The goals we have set seem attainable and we are eager to get started. From January through April, we will be in our busy season. That is busy getting everyone healthy from the festival of merriment of the holiday season and, more importantly, helping you set the pace to a lasting healthy relationship beyond April. This will hopefully lead all the way to setting new, different goals that never seemed possible in 2022. This time of year is “my jam”, as they say, so you may even see me dancing in the hallways. For all the undesirable events that took place in 2020, let my staff and I help you to set and achieve a fortunate 2021. Check out the great events we are offering this month and do not forget about our special: With every free assessment, you receive a free nutrition and personal training session. So, come on over and take advantage of this sparkly new season and celebrate with us here at the Sports Club!