For years I’ve been talking about nutrition, health, fitness and muscles. Well this time I’m talking about your bones. Or more precisely, your funny bone. I overheard a conversation recently that referred to the Sports Club as the “Fun” place. Boy did they hit the nail on the head! For some, the thought of working out, doing crunches or cardio isn’t their idea of fun. I’ll admit, sometimes even I have to dig deep to find the fun in Burpees but when I look around at all the smiling faces, the energy that runs like quick fire thru the Sports Club, it’s hard to not get jazzed up. And these summer months really tickle your funny bone. If you want to smile and get a good chuckle, stop by any day of the week and watch all the fun activities going on. From Camp Oldfield to group fitness, there is so much great energy flowing through our walls that it will be hard to not smile. Sometimes it’s a diversion, a welcomed distraction to the fitness challenge ahead. Sometimes it’s a place to visit and watch all the little feet and hands skip down the halls on their way to the pool or off to the playground. Or maybe you just need a book and a little visit with friends. The Sports Club with its many programs and events is an amenity within an amenity. So come down for the fitness but stay for the camaraderie. Visit for a book but grab lunch on the patio. Whatever your reason or agenda look to the “fun” people to supply that smile to your day. by Mona Ward, A.F.P.A. Certified