With the chilly weather, we thought a little comfort food was in order. What could be better than Chicken and dumplings and a dessert of fried apple pies??! Our little chefs shredded chicken, added in veggies and milk and stirred in a couple of cans of cream soup. Next came the drop dough for the dumplings. While that was simmering, we prepared our dough, filled with apple pie filling and sautéed lightly till brown. When the cover came off the chicken mixture, our dumplings were bubbling and plump, ready to eat.


As always there are always new things to learn like the difference between fresh herbs and dried, terminology of shredding, whipping, simmering and sauteing. After a brief cooling off, the chicken and dumplings and the apple pies were devoured. We are already looking forward to see what they whip up next month.