CAPT. JASON DuBOSE – Outfitters Center Director & Head River Pro As we flip the calendar to November we find ourselves “smack dab” in the middle of our fall fishing season here in the Lowcountry. Typically this means cool mornings, pleasantly mild afternoons, and really good fishing! My top picks for November fishing options are inshore fishing for trout and redfish and nearshore wreck fishing for redfish, weakfish, black drum, and sheepshead. These types of fishing are very different in technique and location, but both are very rewarding in their own unique ways. Inshore fishing trips are typically 4 to 5 hours in length and take place in some of the most beautiful and pristine saltmarsh environments that you’ll ever lay eyes on. Light spinning tackle and live shrimp and mud minnows are the weapons of choice when fishing the creeks, oyster rakes and Spartina Grass marshes of our unique Port Royal Sound estuary system. While the action is typically very good and you’re welcome to keep a few fish for supper, please don’t expect to “load your cooler” on an inshore fishing charter. Trout and redfish are very susceptible to fishing pressure and repeatedly taking large numbers of fish from a particular spot will result in poor fishing in that area for many months to come. I encourage all Oldfield members with their own boats to follow such conservation practices as well. Remember, when it comes to inshore fishing, if you want a good fishing spot to remain a good fishing spot you must limit the number of fish you take from it! Keep a fish or two for dinner if you’d like, but resist the urge to keep your limit every trip. Those fish fillets that find their way into your freezer will more than likely never be eaten and thrown out when you do your spring cleaning. Nearshore wreck fishing charters are a great option for anglers open to the option of venturing out into the open ocean. These 6 hour trips are weather dependent and only take place when the sea condition and weather forecasts look optimal. Please know that even when blessed with a great forecast the seas can, on occasion, get a little bumpy. That said, if you’re prone to motion sickness, fishing in the open ocean may not be the best option for you. However, if you are up for the adventure the fishing is typically action packed. Redfish, weakfish, blackdrum, sea bass and sheepshead round out the usual catches, but when fishing the ocean waters you never really know what might show up. Whether your preference is the tranquility of fishing our inshore waters or the excitement and adventure of a nearshore excursion, November is a great time to do it! Give us a shout down at the Outfitters and we’ll get you and your guests set up with a fishing adventure that is sure to be a highlight of your fall season!
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