Have you ever lost something that made you happy? We have lost weight before and that was great. I have lost a few bad habits over time and I still laugh about having them in the first place. Today I have lost something that thrills me beyond words; I lost the word “Interim” in my title and I could not be happier. Now believe me, I am not a guy who gets caught up on titles, especially my own! With that being said, now knowing that I will remain the Oldfield General Manager / COO well into the future, I am so proud and honored. I want to thank both Boards for their vote of confidence and all of you for making this happen. Prior to my initial visit to Oldfield, for the first time in my career I found myself at a point where I really questioned my future in the industry and how I wanted to move forward. Then came the moment when I drove through the gate for the first time—I felt it. I felt a sense of calm and warmth that I imagine you must feel when you arrive home after a long journey. Now having been in this special place for a full month, I am cognizant of the reality that this feeling was missing in my life for several months, and perhaps even longer. The welcoming support of so many people at Oldfield has made me feel right at home. How long does it take someone to fall in love or at least feel that feeling of contentment? In my case, with Oldfield, it was nearly instantaneous. As the cliché goes, it was “meant to be”. I feel privileged to lead such a remarkable team of professionals who strive to deliver an exceptional member experience each day. This team’s dedication to Oldfield is both remarkable and contagious, and it thrills me to death each time I meet with these great people. They push me to new heights as I challenge them to do the same. I enjoy hearing what Oldfield means to them and what they wish to accomplish. The level of professionalism in this team is refreshing and well complemented by Southern charm and hospitality… even though most of them, like me, are not from the Low Country. It is this place that does it to us. It is you and your families who live here, who smile and wave and care so much for this place. It is the staff members from the Greeter’s Store to the Outfitters Center and everyone in between that warms my soul. This place has such a charm about it that it drew us all here. One at a time, and together, we define Oldfield. My heart swells with pride at the thought of wearing the Oldfield logo and serving the membership and staff as the General Manager / COO. This place is very special, and I promise to always treat this position and all of you with the utmost respect. This is the right place and the right time. Thank you for making me a part of this place.