Ah, Amore! Surprisingly being in love has tangible health benefits for both mind and body. Research shows a clear link between strong relationships and longevity. It is also very fitting that the symbol for love is a heart, given that couples experience half the risk of death from heart disease. It is not just your heart that benefits, your lungs are also protected against complications, like pneumonia. A healthy relationship also has less stress, lowering blood pressure and strengthening your immune system. This Valentine’s I am going to give you a different sort of recipe! A RECIPE FOR A STRONG AND HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP
INGREDIENTS 1 scoop of Owning Your Own Happiness 2 scoops of Honesty & Transparency 3 scoops of Compromise 4 scoops of Self-Care 5 scoops of Agreeing to Disagree 6 scoops of Kindness 7 scoops of Boundaries
  PREPARATION Step1: Remember happiness is a choice Step 2: Communicate face-to-face Step 3: Maintain balance Step 4: Destress & recharge by spending time alone Step 5: Have controversial, diplomatic conversations Step 6: Slow down & be considerate Step 7: Establish healthy boundaries with outside forces And Viola! A bright and healthy future!