With the fishing options so abundant this time of year it is no wonder May is one of our busiest charter months at the Outfitters Center. From inshore to offshore there is a lot going on in the world of Lowcountry saltwater fishing right now! As our inshore waters continue to warm up so too does the fishing. As they settle into their late spring and summer patterns the redfish will be more easily targeted in May as compared to the early spring months. A variety of sharks including bonnet heads, blacktips, and lemon sharks will also begin to migrate into our inshore waters providing great opportunities for action packed fishing. Due to the abundant action and short ride to the fishing grounds shark fishing trips are especially good for kids and families that want to spend some time on the water. Give us a call at the Outfitters Center to find out more about our Family Shark Fishing Charters. Further offshore, our cobia migration will be in full swing by the middle of May. Cobia, which resemble a cross between a shark and a catfish, but are related to neither, average between 25 and 40 lbs but can grow to over 100 lbs. These hard fighting gamefish can be targeted with both live bait and artificial lures and make for excellent sport. Our cobia fishing charters generally take place on the artificial reefs located 15 to 20 miles offshore where cobia congregate in large num- bers during the months of May and June. These reefs are also frequented by king mackerel, barracuda, bull redfish, amberjack, and a variety of species of shark which provide plenty of rod bending action while targeting cobia. Areas of natural live bottom located 35 to 50 miles offshore are teaming with life throughout the spring and summer months and offer some top notch fishing for those willing to make the long run to get there. Grouper, snapper, sea bass, porgies, triggerfish, and a variety of other great tasting gamefish round out the usual suspects found in these areas. If you are looking for nonstop action and some great fillets for the cooler an offshore bottom fishing trip is definitely something you want to look into! To get in on the action check in with us regarding scheduling a private charter or join us on the 11th for the individual sign-up offshore bottom fishing charter. Come see us at the Outfitters Center to talk about what’s biting and to book your next fishing adventure!