Men's Day Winners: April 11!

Congratulations to our Saturday Men’s Day winners Ed Morris, Tommy Harper and John Develin! 2 net balls of 3 and they shot -14. Ken Aull is the winner of the Challenger this week, he exceeded his quota by five! Way to go gentlemen!

Hurricane Preparedness – Are You Ready?

Part 1 by: Tim Helm Director of Security Last month we spoke about “Being Prepared – Creating a 72 Hour Emergency Kit!”  Now we’ll discuss one of the reasons why we should have such an Emergency Kit. Hurricane season will begin on June 1, 2015 and will end...

Men's Club Winners: April 8!

Congratulations Jerry Cole, Mark Sinkhorn and Rich Hoag! Men’s Day winners – Team Quota. Shout out again to Rich Hoag who was also our Individual Quota Winner and the new Challenger driver!