Never in my life have I been so looking forward to New Year’s Eve. Of course, I love the Christ- mas holidays, and everything associated with this wonderful time of year. That said, New Year’s Eve and more importantly New Year’s Day 2021 is upon us. Perhaps we will all wake up in a cold sweat from this bad dream of 2020. We are still in the grips of COVID at the time of this writing. Precautions have been taken all around the club to maintain the balance of safety from the virus versus sanity in some cases. We need the social interaction and that is exactly what we are here for, but safety remains our top priority. Unfortunately, we have had to cancel some events while modifying others. We continue to adjust and adapt; after all, that is what we do as Americans. As we enter 2021, I have several key initiatives that our team will be focused on in the new year. The overall umbrella for the plans and goals for the year is simple, we want to enhance the member experience. That is a pretty wide net to cast with many moving parts, but we will define our focus on each of the areas of Oldfield. In Food and Beverage Operations, I want to bring the club to the community as much as possible. Family cookouts and picnics will be a theme for 2021 once we are able to socialize again. We want to engage all members and utilize all of our spectacular venues to enjoy some of God’s greatest work—Oldfield at sunset. We recently hired Miss Ashley Turner to assist with member social events next year. Ashley and I worked together at my former club and she is well versed in hosting member social events. She will be working alongside Nicolette Hall (Director of Events) with this initiative, and hopefully, we will need a team of hosts to fulfill the needs of our food and beverage offerings next year. Look for simple yet fun events in 2021 designed to bring us all closer together. In our Golf Operations, we will welcome our new Golf Course Superintendent, Dane Alexander. Dane comes to us from The Ford Plantation in Richmond Hill and will be joining the team later this month. Brian Roller will be moving over to the Community Grounds and Maintenance. We are so pleased to have these two gentlemen making Oldfield even more spectacular. By enhancing the member experience, we in fact create more ambassadors in each of you. With that, our members will be more likely to recommend Oldfield to others and our membership will continue to grow. Remember, membership growth is not the stated goal, but the result of the vision. Now that I have been in my position for a few months, I’ve observed the community and the team. After this observation time, it is time to start putting plans into place and moving the needle. Our overall goal for the community is to make Oldfield your favorite place to be! That is a fun place where neighbors are there to support their fellow neighbors, and wonderful memories are created with friends and families alike. We want to build a life that does not require a vacation. Whether you are on the water, on a horse, on the golf course, or on a picnic—Oldfield is the place to live your life to the fullest. We survived 2020 and now it is time to bring on 2021. We have plans to make it the best year ever. We as the Oldfield team are thankful for your gracious generosity for the holiday fund that is distributed to the members of our team. On behalf of the entire Oldfield staff, thank you and we wish you all the most joyous holiday season.