Post 8Greetings from Gateway Realty, your front gate real estate team at the Greeter’s Store.  2015 is rolling ahead with good momentum.  Here at Gateway we are always committed to becoming better and better at representing your front gate.  Lately we are putting an emphasis on educating outside agencies and agents about the lifestyle, fees and amenities in Oldfield.  Our commitment to Oldfield is priority number one at the front gate whether it’s listing and selling properties or educating outside agencies so they are up to speed on all details necessary to sell real estate in Oldfield.  Gateway Realty is proud of our commitment to Oldfield and so far in 2015 your front gate Gateway Realty team was involved in 100% of all homes sales and 88% of lot sales as of 3/15/15.  The front gate team has brought in some local custom builders to buy resale lots and will start construction soon on some spec homes on various lots around the community.  Feel free to stop by and ask any of the staff about the details as we should have more to report next month.  A thank you to Jamie and his staff who, as always, are excellent reflections and ambassadors of Oldfield.  They are always great in helping us educate buyers about this exceptional community. Again, we appreciate your continued support and look forward to having a great year.