Rick Stafford, Golf Course Superintendent
Since starting on January 1st, we have been working hard as a team to get the Oldfield Golf Course in pristine condition. One of the projects we began with was fixing the two main line irrigation pipes on holes ten and eighteen. This allowed us to restore irrigation to the entire golf course. We also added a plant growth regulator to the greens to increase green speeds.
Due to the warm stretch of weather we experienced and saw Fusarium and Cutworms pop up on the Greens. Fusarium is a common fungus which presents itself as brownish-red circles measuring 1 to 2 cm in diameter. Cutworms are moth larvae that feed on the stems of the turf at night. We have sprayed for both of these problems and since seen a reduction in disease and insect pressures. We have also noticed an invasive weed, Poa annua, begin to germinate. We will start working on applying post-emergent herbicides to control the growth.
We have started needle-tining the greens during Monday closures. Needle-tining is a form of aerification that uses 1/8” tines to poke small holes in the greens. These holes allow for proper air movement to the roots during winter months. It also physically loosens the soil, increasing absorption of water and applied products.
I have been working on creating hole location sheets for Oldfield. Hole location sheets will be utilized by both members and our agronomy team. These hole location sheets will specify the exact location of each hole, providing members with the depths and slopes of the Greens. They allow the agronomy team to make a more informed decision on hole placement each day, reducing wear on greens and providing a better putting surface for our members.
While tending to these golf course maintenance tasks, we are rejuvenating the maintenance shop. This includes thoroughly cleaning the shop and detailing our equipment. This will ensure longevity to the membership’s investment. It also allows us to set a precedent for the standards expected both at the maintenance shop and on the golf course.