Like a brand-new morning sunrise, we look forward to 2021 to take us from the darkness of the pandemic with losses of loved ones, eliminated jobs and businesses shattered. We have endured political unrest, public protests and loss of trust all around our country. But this is Oldfield, and while we are certainly not immune to the issues of the world outside our gates, as a community we set a course and direction to follow. That navigation has led us through 2020 relatively unscathed in comparison to so many others. Sure, we have had to adjust course and make provisions during the year, but the “buy-in” from the Boards, Members and staff has been nothing short of inspirational. It has been said that true character is measured in times of adversity. Granted, I joined the team late in the year, but the aftershocks of decisions made during 2020 are still felt as we enter the new year. The true character of Oldfield passed the test as evidenced by the growth in the membership and numbers of homes during this pandemic year. Looking forward to 2021, we have already had to adjust some plans. Like all successful organizations, changes come rapidly, and decisions must be made with a set of contingencies in place. Take for instance our recent search for a new Golf Course Superintendent. Just last month, I reported that we had come to an agreement with a gentleman to join our team in January but unfortunately, that deal fell through at the last moment for all the right reasons. During the interview process, we narrowed our field to the top three candidates and there was virtually a coin flip between them. So, the loss of our original selected candidate was not even a blip on the radar screen. By ways of this note, I will formally introduce our new Golf Course Superintendent, Mr. Rick Stafford who has been serving the membership as the Head Superintendent on the May River Course at Palmetto Bluff. Rick has been in the Lowcountry since 2005 and has learned from some of the finest mentors in the region. He has served as a leader and mentor to many others under his responsibility. A brief introduction of Rick to the membership at Oldfield is included in this month’s newsletter and I just wanted to add that we are all very excited about the future of our Golf Course with Rick at the helm. I know that the Members of our Club will welcome him with open arms as he takes hold of our Agronomy team and pushes to move the needle for our golf course. Other short-term plans for 2021 include some renovation work at the River Club. Please note, these renovations are both internal and external work. The external work to the building consisted of repainting of the windows, doors, trim, shutters, and storage shed. We also accomplished some roof and chimney repairs and general needed maintenance. Interior work includes the removal of the atrium trees to open and brighten the space, various carpentry repairs and general re-painting. We also reconstructed the wine storage room with controls to maintain our wine inventory. With a new interior paint scheme and a few new pieces of furniture, the River Club’s natural beauty will only be enhanced with these improvements for member enjoyment. Look for a reopening in late March, with new food and beverage offerings and just in time for wedding season. In closing, Happy New Year Oldfield family; I wish you all the very best in the upcoming year. Let us set our goals of lowering your handicap, catching more fish, riding more horses, and playing more pickleball than ever before. Life is indeed short, and we must take the time to enjoy the special times of our lives that we have at Oldfield. Here is to the best year ever—Cheers!